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Hanoi GM Chess: IM Fahad Rahman at 2nd slot with 2 others

Special Correspondent Chess 2023-12-03, 12:55pm


Hanoi GM Chess

Dhaka, Dec 03 - International Master (IM) Mohammad Fahad Rahman of Bangladesh sharing the 2nd position in the Hanoi Grandmaster Chess Tournament with two other players securing 3.5 points after the 6th round matches held in Hanoi, Vietnam on Saturday.

Bangladeshi GM Niaz Murshed earned 3 points from six matches.

In the day's 6th round, IM Mohammad Fahad Rahman beat GM Cao Sang of Vietnam while GM Niaz Murshed drew with FM Pham Tran Gia Phuc of Vietnam.

The 4th and 5th round matches were held on Friday.

In the 4th round, GM Niaz Murshed defeated GM Cao Sang of Vietnam while IM Mohammad Fahad Rahman beat Australian FM Liu Yi.

In the 5th round, IM Mohammad Fahad Rahman drew with IM Laohawirpap Prin of Thailand while GM Niaz Murshed lost to IM Lee Jun Hyeok of South Korea. -UNB