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Munich Airport resumes flights after heavy snowfall

GreenWatch Desk World News 2023-12-03, 2:18pm


Flight operations resumed at Munich Airport at 6 a.m. local time (0500 GMT) on Sunday after heavy snowfall ground air traffic to a halt, the operating company announced on its website.

Flights were suspended at the airport on Saturday amid the onset of severe winter weather across southern Germany.

The operating company said that although flights had now resumed, there would still be "restrictions in air traffic." It urged passengers to check the status of their flight with their airline "well in advance" before traveling to the airport.

Train travel also disrupted

The large amount of snow, unusual so early in the season, paralyzed much of the state of Bavaria and its capital, Munich.

The city's main railway station was also shut down. Rail operator Deutsche Bahn announced Sunday morning that no long distance trains would be running for several hours.

The rail provider recommended that travelers planning to travel to and from Munich on Sunday postpone their journeys. It warned that there could also be "weather-related train cancellations and delays" in other parts of southern Germany, with disruptions likely to continue into Monday.

At the height of the bad weather on Saturday, thousands of homes suffered power outages and scores of traffic accidents were reported on the state's roads. The heavy snowfall also increased the risk of avalanches in the Bavarian Alps, reports DW.