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Lips care in pre-winter

News Desk Woman 2023-11-12, 12:15pm


Seasonal changes and harsh environmental conditions can make our lips drier and inflamed.

Winter is almost here and that usually means dry and chapped lips. There was a time when lip care was primarily limited to using petroleum jelly during the winters. With the evolution of the skincare industry over the past few decades, people have now switched to using skin care products for their lips. This explains why there has recently been a surge in trending lip care products and why this upward trend is here to stay.

Seasonal changes and harsh environmental conditions can make our lips drier and inflamed. Therefore, protecting and taking good care of your lips is essential to maintaining their beauty. Using good-quality lip gels and creams is surely one way to do it because they offer long-lasting moisturization. One may also use a lip scrub, lip mask, and lip balm to get the same result.

Let us go deep into some essential tips to achieve healthy and soft lips:

Avoid touching or licking your lips: Licking your lips seems like the natural thing to do when they start to get dry and chapped.  If you  do not have any protection layer of their own- so they may get infected when you lick or touch your lips. Once your saliva evaporates, your lips become even more dehydrated. This is because the delicate skin on the lips cannot hold the enzymes in your saliva.

Create a healthy lifestyle: We have often been told that following a good diet benefits our skin. But it is also important to create a healthy lifestyle to see changes in your lips. Healthy vitamins and nutrients directly show results on your skin and lips. Therefore, following a healthy lifestyle and diet is essential to achieving healthy and beautiful lips.

Drink lots and lots of water and stay hydrated: When it comes to health tips and tricks, drinking lots of water is the first thing suggested by experts. It helps reduce weight faster and clears the skin of blemishes.

Remove your lipstick before going to bed: A proper sleep provides rest to the entire body and helps our body to heal. Your lips also need a break, and cleaning your makeup is thus recommended before sleeping.

Provide proper hydration to your lips overnight: It is easy to figure out if your lips are drier when awake. But keeping the lips properly moisturized during sleep is not possible. Therefore, the experts advise adding lip masks before you go to bed to keep your lips hydrated and nourished during your sleep.

We recommend you follow a proper night time regime for lip care at home and add three essential lip products- lip scrub, lip sleeping mask, and lip balm to your skincare regimen.

Exfoliate your lips with natural lip scrub: Deep exfoliation is important to keep your lips healthier, softer, and better moisturized. It also removes dead skin cells to keep away infection and other irritants. You should add a soft lip scrub to your lip care regime and use it daily for best results.

Do not forget to carry your favorite lip balm: You may never understand when your lips start feeling dry and dull. Therefore, it is essential to carry your favorite lip balm wherever you go. It is advisable to use a lip balm in all seasons, not specifically winters.

Here are some advantages of adding lip products to your daily regime:

1.    A natural lip balm helps protect new skin cells on the lips.

2.    It deeply hydrates and nourishes the lips

3.    It protects from the harmful environmental conditions

4.    It slows down signs of premature aging

5.    It helps exfoliate dead skin cells