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Dry weather with temporary cloudy sky likely across BD Thursday

Weather 2024-02-29, 10:22am


Dry weather with temporary cloudy sky likely across BD Thursday.

Dhaka, Feb 29 -  In the latest weather forecast, a varied climate across the country in the coming days was predicted according to BMD’s latest weather bulletin.

While the overall weather is expected to remain dry, there will be temporary periods of partly cloudy skies, it said.

The country is likely to experience dry weather, with sporadic instances of partly cloudy skies. This mixed weather pattern suggests a relatively rain-free period, providing some respite to areas that may have been facing wet conditions.

Night temperatures are expected to exhibit regional variations, with a slight dip anticipated over the Rangpur and Rajshahi divisions. 

During the day, the temperature is projected to see a slight increase across the country. GW News Desk with UNB