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Romania confers National Order For Merit on Enayetullah Khan

News media 2023-11-24, 12:29am


Enayetullah Khan

Dhaka, Nov 23 - Enayetullah Khan, Honorary Consul of Romania in the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. has been awarded the ‘National Order For Merit’ in the rank of Knight.

He has been honoured with the prestigious award as a sign of high appreciation for the important contribution made to supporting and promoting bilateral relations and high-level dialogue between Bangladesh and Romania, according to the office of Romanian President. The award is given by the President of Romania.

The National Order of Merit recognises important civil or military services rendered to Romania.

That includes developing the national economy; accomplishments in the fields of science, art, or culture; contribution to the development of relationships between Romania and other countries or international organisations; meritorious military service organizing and managing military operations; deeds committed on the battlefield or during military conflicts.

Enayetullah Khan, is a boundary-defying Bangladeshi media personality entrepreneur, nature conservationist and a patron of the Arts, who interviewed Presidents from the Lee Kuan Yew, Bill Clinton to Putin.

At age 19 he became the youngest newscaster at BTV and a news commentator at Radio Bangladesh. 

He is the founder of the Dhaka Courier and United News of Bangladesh, the first digital wire service in South Asia, and the country’s largest independent news agency.

He is best known as the founder of the Cosmos Group, a Bangladeshi conglomerate incorporating over a dozen companies operating at home and abroad. - UNB