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Incessant rains, hill torrents cause flooding in Dowarabazar

Special Correspondent Nation 2024-06-15, 6:20pm


Incessant rains, hill torrents cause flooding in Dowarabazar

Sunamganj, Jun 15 - Continuous rainfall and torrents from the hills have caused severe flooding in the low-lying areas of Dowarabazar, Sunamganj, raising fears of further inundation.

Over the past three days, heavy rainfall and water from upstream Meghalaya have led to the rivers Surma, Chela, Chhalti, Mora Chela, Khasiamara, Moula, Kaliuri, and Dhumkhali flowing above danger levels. The overflowing Khasiamara River from across the border has breached embankments at Noapara, Idrispur, and Choukighat in the Lakshmipur union, resulting in extensive damage to household furniture and livestock.

Seedbeds of Aman and Aush paddy, and vegetable fields have been submerged. At least 10 villages have been inundated after the Chilai River embankment collapsed at Camperghat in Boglabazar union.

The embankment breach at the Tilagao-Tengratila road in Surma union has disrupted connectivity. The Mahabbatpur Bazar-Liaquatganj Bazar road at Noapara has also suffered a breach, severing communication between the upazila headquarters and 28 villages in Lakshmipur union and five villages in Surma union, affecting hundreds of thousands of border residents.

Several establishments, including houses in Pekpara, Chowdhury Para, Maulapara, Chilaipara, and Puran Bashtala villages in Banglabazar union, were submerged as flood water entered the villages.

Lakshmipur UP Chairman Zahidul Islam told UNB that the overflow of the Khasiamara River has caused breaches at Noapara, Idrispur, and Choukighat, flooding several villages. He has informed the Upazila Nirbahi Officer (UNO) about the need for dry food and safe water.

Surma UP Chairman Harun-or-Rashid said that some houses in Surma union have been flooded due to the overflow of the Khasiamara River, and they are arranging for dry food and safe water for the affected people.

Echoing them, Boglabazar UP Chairman Mohammad Milon Khan also reported that the embankment breach near the former BGB camp at Camperghat has flooded 10 villages in Boglabazar union, causing massive damage to fish ponds and houses. He also sought assistance from the upazila administration to address the ongoing crisis immediately.

Dowarabazar Sadar union is among the most severely affected.

Mamun Hawlader, executive engineer of the Sunamganj Water Development Board, reported that the Surma River near Dowarabazar is flowing above the danger level. Additionally, strong currents from the Meghalaya hills are causing road and embankment breaches across the upazila.-UNB