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Cattle sales still low though crowds gathering at markets

Livestock 2024-06-14, 11:49am


A sacrificial bull at a cattle market in Bagerhat on Thursday.

Bagerhat, Jun 14 -As the holy Eid-ul-Azha, the second biggest religious festival of the Muslim community, is knocking at the door, cattle markets all over the country including the southern district of Bagerhat are getting momentum.

However, the sale is yet to peak as buyers and sellers are expressing mixed reactions regarding prices.

Buyers allege that the price of each cow has increased by Tk 10,000 to Tk 50,000 compared to last year.

On other hand, the sellers and farmers mention the price hike of cattle feed, which is forcing them to ask for higher prices. Some farmers claim they are incurring losses even when selling at higher prices.

Visiting cattle markets on Thursday, UNB’s Bagerhat correspondent found that over a hundred cows and numerous buyers and sellers were seen at Foylahat market in Rampal upazila.

However, the sale and purchase were relatively low. Many buyers were waiting until the last minute to decide on their purchases.

Mohammad Mallik, a resident of Digraraj area under the upazila said, he came to buy a cow, but the prices and his choice were not matching. There are still two to three days left, so he will wait to the last.

Rashid Fakir from Chaksri area said as there were many cattle in the market. He will buy a sacrificial animal if he finds a suitable one.

A buyer named Mohibul Haque, who purchased a large a cow, said that, "I bought this cow for Tk 220,000, but it seems the prices are much higher than last year." 

On the other hand, sellers claimed that the high cost of cattle feed is forcing them to ask for high prices of cattle. They fear incurring losses if the cattle aren’t sold before the Eid with expected prices.

Mosharraf Hossain, a trader from Terokhada, told this correspondent, "I brought eight cows. I have sold one, but the profit is not significant. I still have seven left, and I am waiting. If they don't sell today, I will have to sell them at a loss before Eid."

Kobir Hossain, a farmer, added, "The prices of bran, oil cake, polish, corn, and various cattle medicines are very high. Now, we have to sell for Tk 10,000 to Tk 20,000 more than last year to break even."

According to the district livestock department, 23 permanent and temporary cattle markets have been set up in the district ahead of the Eid this year. However, the actual number of markets exceeds 30.

Despite the district administration's directive to charge a 2.5 percent levy, there are allegations that lessees are charging between 5 to 7 percent in some cases.

Mohammad Saheb Ali, Livestock Officer of the district, told UNB, "A total of 112,413 animals are ready for Eid-ul-Azha, which is approximately 10,000 more than the demand. For the sale of these animals, 23 permanent and temporary cattle markets have been set up. Additionally, sales are also happening online and directly from farms."- UNB