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Zero tolerance for food adulteration

Only contributes to undermining public trust in the food industry

GreenWatch Desk Editorials 2024-05-01, 4:24pm


While it is a relief that mobile courts are active in scouring food adulteration attempts, with one mobile court destroying six tons of mangoes ripened with harmful chemicals in Satkhira, it is still disheartening to learn that nefarious parties continue to try take advantage of the current predicament in the country for selfish profit motive.

During an already difficult period for Bangladeshis battling the extreme heat wave and the ongoing inflation woes, it is such unscrupulous individuals that only add to the woes in the country, and as such, deserve nothing less than being held accountable for such lowly actions.
It is imperative therefore that the authorities concerned double down on identifying these individuals and making an example out of them, while simultaneously continuing the ongoing efforts of nipping any attempts at adulteration of summer fruits in the bud. Too often, such individuals, owing to their position in society and connections, get away with such dastardly deeds, and it is important that we do not allow this to happen, especially with the summer season just beginning, reports DT.
Food adulteration of any sort not only poses significant health risks to all Bangladeshis, but only contributes to undermining public trust in the food industry -- trust that has long been on the decline to begin with, owing to the numerous issues identified with numerous food items over the years.
To take a zero tolerance stance against food adulteration and implement strict regulations to hold those responsible accountable must be the priority. What use is development of any sort if the people are subjected to food that is not even safe to consume?