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GreenWatch Dhaka--A Newspaper We like

Columns 2024-06-15, 10:48pm


Prof. M Zahidul Haque

Prof. M Zahidul Haque

Even in these days of farragoes prevailing in the media world, the online daily newspaper –“GreenWatch Dhaka” is trying to maintain Journalism Culture, Objectivity and Balance in Reporting plus protecting the right of people to express their views and opinions on their own style. GreenWatch Dhaka practice the art of presenting a fact in its original form ignoring whether the daily like or agree with the fact and then letting readers interpret the fact on their own. Perhaps these are the reason why we like reading and contributing articles to GreenWatch Dhaka.

GreenWatch Dhaka Eid Greetings

GreenWatch Dhaka maintains a liberal editorial policy abiding by the ethics of journalism and respecting the press and media codes. This newspaper strives to present verified news avoiding blue and yellow journalism.

Green Watch Dhaka started as a monthly print newspaper in 1995 for promoting ‘green journalism’ that is, gathering and distributing environment-related information to create public awareness about issues responsible for environmental degradation. Later in 2011, it was turned into an online daily newspaper with the mission to promoting sustainable life, democracy and human rights. Green Watch Dhaka is the mouthpiece of Green Watch Dhaka Publications, a private firm incorporated with the Registrar of Firms, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.

GreenWatch Dhaka is one of the leading online dailies of Bangladesh. It has both English and Bengali sections with more than 100 different segments including Education, Environment, Economy, Agriculture, World News, Nation, Politics, Trade, Democracy, Literature, Tourism, Press, Peace, etc.

Online newspaper/news portal is an easy way to find/read latest news. It is the fastest platform for getting updated news because online newspapers update news and information 24X7. Online newspapers/portal is cost-effective plus mobile responsive and user-friendly. GreenWatch Dhaka possesses all these qualities being a digital online newspaper and very creditably performing its role in serving the readers maintaining the ABC (Accuracy, Brevity and Clarity) of journalism. GreenWatch Dhaka is effectively contributing towards realizing the digitalization goal of the Government and in turning Bangladesh into a Smart Bangladesh. As a part of its sustainable life mission, GreenWatch Dhaka is contributing to achieve the targets of all the areas under Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Eminent Journalist and media personality Mostafa Kamal Majumder is the Editor of GreenWatch. It is published by the Editor on behalf of GreenWatch Dhaka Publications. A team of some efficient personnel is working relentlessly to bring out GreenWatch every day and updating its colorful contents in every moment. A host of columnists/ writers are regularly contributing their knowledgeable and analytical articles/features covering in addition to national and international news and events, various aspects of life, society and economic development enriching the GreenWatch. This writer and his research student Tanzila Rahman are also regular contributors (as author or co-author) of this sagacious daily. It is expected that GreenWatch Dhaka would further improve its

quality and content in the coming days! To access GreenWatch, please click:

(Prof. M Zahidul Haque is a former Professor at Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural

University, Dhaka and a regular contributor to GreenWatch Dhaka)