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Tree felling goes unabated at JU amid environmental concerns

Special Correspondent Campus 2024-06-05, 6:43am


Tree felling goes unabated at JU amid environmental concerns

Jahangirnagar University, June 05 - Jahangirnagar University, famous for its unique green landscape, has lost another 200 trees recently as the authorities felled those for the construction of two buildings ignoring the students’ demand for a master plan ahead of implementing development project.  

The trees were felled behind the new registrar building of the university and in the extended part of Al-Beruni Hall on Sunday morning.

Students said the university administration designated space behind the new registrar building for the construction of extended building of the Faculty of Arts and the extended part of Al-Beruni Hall for the construction of faculty building of the Department of Fine Arts.

Although the work remained stopped for so long in the face of students’ protest, the felling of trees started Sunday in the presence of some teachers.

On the other hand, on the basis of the opinions of the teachers, it was decided to construct a building next to the Faculty of Arts, but ignoring their opinion, about 200 trees were felled for the construction of the building beside the new registrar building, they alleged.

Professor of History Department Khandaker Lutfol Elahi said, "It is very odd-looking to construct buildings in the absence of teachers and students during the vacation. We wanted the building to be built adjacent to the current building. Although the building was a little smaller, the environment and life and nature would not have been harmed. But they did not pay heed to it and fixed the place beside the lake.”

Meanwhile, students formed a human chain at the place of tree felling adjacent to the registrar building at 12 noon protesting the felling of trees.

Arif Sohel, a student of the Department of International Relations, said, "We do not want buildings destroying the life and nature of the university. We are not against development, but we want development to take place on the basis of a master plan.”

Alif Mahmud, president of JU Chhatra Union, said the culture of cutting trees during holidays was no exception this year. “The students are not in the halls, they are felling trees considering the time suitable for them. We have no objection to the construction of the buildings, our only demand is to construct the buildings through a master plan.”

Project Director and Associate Professor of the Department of Fine Arts MM Moyez Uddin said, "We are constructing the buildings at the place designated by the syndicate of the university. We are not doing anything that harms the environment. Besides, we will plant trees. We will accept the recommendations of all the stakeholders and form a team with them so that they can monitor our progress.”-UNB