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Maritime ports asked to alert vessels of squally weather

Climate 2022-08-18, 1:06pm


Sea is rough because of squally weather.

Dhaka, Aug 18 -- The maritime ports of Bangladesh have been advised to hoist local cautionary signal three, the weather department said on Thursday.

The signal is meant to alert vessels of a possible squall as a low pressure area has formed over the northeast Bay and adjoining areas, according to Bangladesh Meteorological Department.

Under its influence, a deep convection is taking place over the same area, it said.

Squally weather may affect the maritime ports, the North Bay, and the adjoining coastal areas of Bangladesh. 

"All fishing boats and trawlers in the North Bay have been advised to come closer to the coast and proceed with caution until further notice," the department said.

Low-pressure areas, where the atmospheric pressure is lower than that of surrounding locations, are commonly associated with inclement weather.

Deep convection refers to the thermally driven turbulent mixing that moves air parcels from the lower to the upper atmosphere. - UNB